Kihlepa facts

Kihlepa is a beautiful town in Estonia. It is situated in Pärnu County, which is one of 15 counties in the Northern European country of Estonia.

As of Jan 2011, Kihlepa has a population of 159 noble Estonians, and many more than that in pigs who may or may not be Estonian also.

Kihlepa lives at the coordinates 58°23′43″N 24°14′39″E. At least some of this wonderful town is 62 meters above sea-level by the last count, and its weather is windy.

It takes 28 hours to get to Kihlepa by car via the A2, and 441 hours by foot, which is a long way to walk, but probably worth it.

The language spoken here is Estonian, or pig. Do pigs speak in languages? I’m not sure. Dogs apparently bark in different dialects but dogs are not the same as pigs. There are trees and a cultural heritage monument to enjoy, if you like this sort of thing.

More about Kihlepa

Kihlepa is home to a wonderful dandelion festival that takes place every May possibly, as well as a pig farm that accommodates 2,800 pigs, or 5,600 half-pigs. Kihlepa’s pig farm is owned and operated by chief pig man OÜ Lõpe Agro and produces pigs for something called Rakvere Lihakombinaat. No one knows what this is.

People who live in Kihlepa are courteous, kind and often wear hats. They like sports very much but do not have any sports teams as the land is mostly dominated by the pigs. Kihlepa people love dandelions and will often pick them and keep them on the windowsill sighing in wonder, or in one of their many hats.

Kihlepa’s main exports are pigs, dandelions, hats, pigs and pigs wearing hats. Tourism in the town is absolutely rife with 6 places to stay in the village. Two of these are rated 9.1/10, or ‘wonderful’ and the others are also probably quite good as well. There is also business to be had in Kihlepa, but it is mostly pig-business.

Kihlepa has no army to speak of and remained neutral during the war.

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